Whether your massage involves a light soothing touch or a deep therapeutic massage, treatments will help to increase circulation, relieve muscular tension, stress & soreness. 

Choose a light soothing touch massage to calm and relax your muscles, or deep tissue therapy to increase circulation, relieve muscular tension, stress, and soreness. 


All of our Massage Therapists are Registered. Gift Certificates for Massage Therapy not redeemable by insurance.

Essential oils may be used if requested.

30 min Aromatherapy $50
45 min Aromatherapy $65
60 min Aromatherapy $80
90 min Aromatherapy $115
30 min Massage Therapy $50
45 min Massage Therapy $65
60 min Massage Therapy $80
90 min Massage Therapy $115
60 min Healing Stone $110
90 min Healing Stone $140

Massage Therapy 

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Bioline Cosmetics

Bioline Cosmetics uses nature and our skin for models for effectiveness and for the
ingredients they choose.

These cosmetics specialize in the improvement of various skin conditions and counteracting premature aging.

The result is healthier skin that is smoother, subtle and more refreshed than ever before.