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Eyelash Extension Full Set  -  $120+tax  *Takes approx. 2 hours

Eyelash Extension Natural Set  -  $100+tax  *Takes approx. 2 hours

Eyelash Extension Fill  -  $60+tax  *Takes approx. 1.5 hours

Eyelash Extension Full Set Volume  -  $140+tax  *Takes approx. 2.5 hours

Eyelash Extension Volume Fill  -  $70+tax  *Takes approx. 2 hours

Eyelash Extension Removal  -  $25+tax  *Takes approx. 30 minutes

 **If you have less then 60% of lashes per eye, you will be charged based on the extra work done to fill, up to the price of a full set

**Our Eyelash Technician cannot fill another Lash Tech’s work. If you had your Full Set done somewhere else, we will have to do a removal and then put a full set on.

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Eyelash Extensions 

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